Central Oregon Mini Ranch

A retired couple had purchased a rugged 7-acre parcel on the canyon rim of the Deschutes River, with impressive Cascade mountain views. With dreams of a hobby farm, the pair hired architect Jim Rozewski and Melrose Construction. But the landscaping "wasn't gelling." The couple hired Artisan Outdoor Living & Landscapes to develop a vision for the property that would link the home, car barn, and horse barn with outdoor living spaces, paths, and a man-made lake.

Kevin Schaffer of Artisan remembers his first visit to the site. "When you walk into a setting like that, you see the views (of the mountains and river) are key." Kevin took special care not block or trump those views, while creating a design that was broad and bold enough to match the scope of the property.

Kevin also had to consider the design guidelines of the community, and he worked closely with both architect and contractor to keep them apprised of his plans.

The resulting vision: keep it natural. "Pretty much everything we did was meant to look natural, rather than man-made," Kevin explained. The one exception: a formal patio for outdoor dining and entertaining, which guests reached via a curved stone staircase.

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